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Tanner Gun Show Security – SUMMIT Tactical Group, LLC

The Tanner Gun show is Colorado’s largest gun show promoter and they have just upgraded their event security to the premier armed security company in Colorado—SUMMIT Tactical Group, LLC. STG is based in Colorado Springs and has been providing the highest level of armed security for Colorado businesses since June of 2016. One of the reasons they set-the-bar in the security industry in Colorado is they only hire military combat veterans and law enforcement officers with special tactical experience as their protective officers.

The Owner at Tanner Gun Show Promotions has recognized the fact that SUMMIT Tactical Group is the highest level of security and safety that he can acquire to protect his patrons, vendors, and the general public. STG goes above and beyond the average security company in performing their mission and duty. One such thing they do to provide the highest level of safety for everyone at the Tanner Gun Show events is to provide their own industrial level weapons clearing barrel. This ensures that if a firearm should ever discharge while clearing an unfamiliar weapon, the bullet would be caught in the trap and no one would be injured.

To read more about some of the highly skilled and extraordinary military and law enforcement officers that SUMMIT Tactical Group has assembled to provide the highest level of security and safety at your next Tanner Gun Show event, check them out at;

SUMMIT Tactical Group

"SUMMIT Tactical Group provides an Industrial Weapons Clearing Barrel for the highest level of safety at the Tanner Gun Show events."
Summit Tactical Group logo

SUMMIT Tactical Group

A SUMMIT Tactical Group protective officer clearing a semi-auto pistol at a Tanner Gun Show in Pueblo, Colorado.
STG Officer Clearing a Weapon

SUMMIT Tactical Group

Some of the professional protective officers at SUMMIT Tactical Group.
STG Protective Officers
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